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In building and industry, the Megamat Line is an effective solution against noise pollution resulting from vibration and reverberated noise from operating machines, presses and/or air treatment systems.

Megamat is suitable to be applied under slabs and/or fl oating substructure to obtain partial or complete isolation of vibration generated by heavy machinery or lighter units and precision appliances.

Thanks to its special structure of rubber fi bres and granules, and the wide range of densities and thicknesses available, this line is particularly effective against high and low frequency vibration.

Megamat products can be supplied as tiles or mats in different sizes to be applied as a support and/or antivibration pad.


Details information about our products you can find in our catalogue, available in link below.


Catalogue Isolgomma Industry999.34 KB
isolgomma_karta_techniczna-akcesoria-stik-wp.pdf395.79 KB
isolgomma_karta_techniczna-megamat-me-500.pdf893.31 KB
isolgomma_karta_techniczna-megamat-me-650.pdf863.29 KB
isolgomma_karta_techniczna-megamat-me-800.pdf874.34 KB
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