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We offer a rich selection of rubber mats. Produced with the use of the process of joining fine grinded rubber granulate or EPDM, blended with polyurethane binding agent, mats can be applied in various branches of industry – mainly in sports and industrial construction sector, but not only. By adding different components to the rubber granulate, such as EPDM or cork, the scope of application of products from this group is continuously expanding.


Our mats are used for different applications, among others:

  • flexible bases for installation of sports surfaces in multifunctional halls
  • flexible mats in fitness centres and studios
  • anti slip mats in factories at work stations, as well as protection of heavy cargo during transportation
  • noise reduction and soundproof elements in the construction industry (bases for wood flooring, tiles and carpets) or road construction industry (acoustic screens)
  • noise and vibration reduction element – vibroinsulation; e.g. in the construction industry as foundations' base.



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